Frog Black White Popper


Frog Black White Popper

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Frog Black White Popper

Frog Black White Popper is ideal for catching small mouth, large mouth, white or hybrid bass. Can also be used to catch muskies, pike, trout, panfish and more. Poppers are effective and proven lures designed to move in water using concave or hollowed noses. Poppers aim to simulate any sort of distressed creature that might be moving or struggling on the surface of the water (baitfish, frogs, and insects are the most typical imitations). They are used with spin fishing and fly fishing.

The Bass Popper is used by fly and conventional anglers alike and this pattern has not failed fishermen since its creation about a 100 years ago.

This particular fly is colored Frog, White and Black with a matching tail made of feathers.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 mm

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