BH Hare’s Ear


BH Hare’s Ear

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BH Hare’s Ear

The BH Hare’s Ear fly pattern is a truly iconic pattern that is probably the most productive nymph there is. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. The buggy form of this fly pattern represents many number of insect species and entices fish with its lifelike movement. By varying the size, color, and texture of dubbing, and making modifications such as adding a soft hackle, this generic fly can mimic midges, caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, and even small minnows. The bead head addition enhances the Hare’s Ear fly, getting it down into the feeding zone quickly for longer drifts at the right depth. It is excellent for still water fishing and can be used as a dropper pattern in any situation.

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Black, Brown, Dark, Olive


8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24


BM: Sterilite Bin 5, Shelf 1


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